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"Advancing Deep Massage through Practice.

Defining Deep Massage through Education."

Bastrop Therapist Receives National Award

Eric Patterson, LMT, MTI

 2011 Central Texas Regional

 Therapist of the Year

Bringing the best in therapeutic massage to Bastrop, National and Regional award winning therapist, Eric Patterson, specializes in Deep Massage therapies and tools.  His therapeutic massage services include Deep Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Myoskeletal Alignment and other Structural Bodyworks, just to name a few.


Since 2006, Eric Patterson, has practiced Deep Massage for Pain Management.  In 2012, along with his wife and fellow therapist, Britta Franklin, they brought their experience, knowledge and successful pain management strategies home to Bastrop.


Eric Patterson, LMT exists to do two things; bring affordable, highly skilled Deep Massage to our home town of Bastrop, Texas and train exceptional therapists.

"Eric Patterson has been with Massage Envy for over four years, and he is a true asset to the Massage Envy team.  Eric has provided over 3,600 hours of CEU education and development to over 100 Massage Envy therapists throughout the Austin and San Antonio area in 2011 alone.  Eric is the highest requested therapist in the region and truly shows the strengths of a great leader by sharing and teaching his knowledge to fellow team members.  Not only does he excel at training, he also maintains a great following with his clients through his care and healing!  Clients say he is a healer, a miracle worker and an amazing therapist.  Massage Envy Austin and San Antonio team members truly value Eric's positive outlook, knowledge and training skills!"

~Massage Envy

The majority of deep massage sessions will be for one of two reasons.  Most of us will seek out deep massage for relaxation.   However, Deep massage for pain management is being applied successfully by more chronic pain sufferers every day.

Deep Myofascial Release

Trigger Point Release

Structural Bodywork

Whether you’re very familiar with these techniques or you've just been told this is the type of massage that you need, you are in luck.  We are TOP in our field and are here to help!

Offering the best in personalized Swedish Massage.

All of our massage sessions are personalized.  Making sure you do your best to communicate your wants and needs to your therapist will lead to a host of techniques and tools for your therapist to consider.    Having a toolbox filled with effective massage techniques allows your therapist to create the perfect session for you.


Trust runs both ways in massage.  You should always be able to  trust your therapist to keep you safe and not to hurt you during your sessions.  Your therapist should be able to trust you to let them know if something is painful, hurts or perhaps you have a question or are confused about something.  You should always feel free to ask questions on anything to do with your session.


Not only can a great Swedish Massage be very physically relaxing, recent research is showing that stress, anxiety and depression are all affected by a great massage.  With stress overwhelmingly leading to the majority of the illnesses, aches and pains we acquire throughout life, more and more people are seeking the proactive powers of massage to help take back control of their personal wellbeing and health.

Help us help you.

Eric Patterson, LMT
141 Tahitian Drive

Bastrop, TX 78602 USA


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